Distraction, Silence, Acceptance

from by Remains of Youth



Belfast will never be bohemian;
Not while we are young,
But we are not so young,

And all the while we have become -
Or - are we still becoming?
What we set out not to be.
Was this always meant to be?

Or were we just distracted,
And swallowed up by silence;
The silence of our friends and fathers,
And all who went before.

Did they say nothing?
Or did they just have nothing to say?
The answers don't matter now.
This place is what it is.

The streets don’t look familiar,
But I recognise the people,
They live without living,
And aspire without aspirations.

We were inspired without inspiration.
It was faith without hope,
It was hope without progress,
But what is progress?

This place still knows itself,
And one day we might even know ourselves.
For now we create, to create
For now we return, to relate.


from There is Hope Without Progress, released July 29, 2016



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Remains of Youth Belfast, UK

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